The 926 by POWER DOG EQUIPMENT offers an old school open cutting deck with blades that are protected by a revolving / free wheel deck. Easily cutting up to 2″ diameter saplings and tree’s this aggressive walk behind brush mower is power by a hydro drive.  Easily controlled with a rolling handel bar the […]

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Roof Brush Mower Comparable to Power Dog?

The ROOF brush mower was a well constructed walk behind brush mower that offered durability, quality and a great design that worked. Similar to the old ROOF mower, the Power Dog 926 has been engineered to perform with that same quality cut and easy to use design. Just like the […]

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Similarities Between Bachtold Brush Mower & Power Dog

The Bachtold mowers were incredibly popular because they worked and they were a US product that was well marketed and easily available.  The unique design was patented and incredibly well designed compared to other mowers on the market at that time. The Power Dog was built and designed with a focus on quality […]

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Power Dog Equipment Images Showcase

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Heavy Duty Tiller

The Power Dog brand is synonymous with USA made quality heavy duty commercial power equipment including tillers, brush mowers and tall grass mowers. Commercial tillers are required to be built to take a beating, and Power Dog is up to the challenge.  

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The Hydraulic Machinery History & How it Works

Power Dog Equipment features closed-loop hydraulic systems, here’s why! Closed-loop: Motor-return is connected directly to the pump-inlet. To keep up pressure on the low pressure side, the circuits have a charge pump (a small gearpump) that supplies cooled and filtered oil to the low pressure side. Closed-loop circuits are generally used […]

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Hydrostatic; How A Variable Displacement Piston Pump Works

Ever wonder how a hydrostatic drive system functions?  Many walk behind power equipment today is hydrostatic driven just like the Power Dog.   Here are some informative videos that will explain some of the fundamentals of the moving parts involved and how a basic hydrostatic system functions.

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