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Tree Farm Brush Mowing With The Power Dog

The Power Dog 926 is a great mower for residential and commercial mowing.  One application we would like to highlight today is the success our customers are having using the 926 on their tree farms. The 926 revolving deck mower is perfect for tree farms, especially Christmas tree’s! Many ranches and farm’s utilize […]

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The Perfect Outback Brush Mower

The Power Dog mower is the perfect mower for outback mowing and brush cutting.  Choose from the 926 heavy brush mower and or the Ambush weed and tall grass mower. The 926 easily cuts brush up to 2″ inch and 3″ in diameter. With a heavy duty revolving deck covering […]

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Power dog by Kuhns Power Equipment

The Power Dog line of commercial equipment by Kuhn Power Equipment (no known as Power Dog Equipment) is a full line of commercial walk behind mowers and commercial grade tillers. The Power Dog offers many engine choices and is driven by a smooth hydraulic drive system.  Controlled by a rolling handle bar, the Power […]

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The 926 by POWER DOG EQUIPMENT offers an old school open cutting deck with blades that are protected by a revolving / free wheel deck. Easily cutting up to 2″ diameter saplings and tree’s this aggressive walk behind brush mower is power by a hydro drive.  Easily controlled with a rolling handel bar the […]

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Roof Brush Mower Comparable to Power Dog?

The ROOF brush mower was a well constructed walk behind brush mower that offered durability, quality and a great design that worked. Similar to the old ROOF mower, the Power Dog 926 has been engineered to perform with that same quality cut and easy to use design. Just like the […]

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Similarities Between Bachtold Brush Mower & Power Dog

The Bachtold mowers were incredibly popular because they worked and they were a US product that was well marketed and easily available.  The unique design was patented and incredibly well designed compared to other mowers on the market at that time. The Power Dog was built and designed with a focus on quality […]

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