Assembly Instructions PD926HRB

Assembly of the 926 is simple and straight forward and this step by step process will guide you through it.  We have taken plenty of pictures to assist you for your reference along the way, just let us know if anything is not clear.

Tools required; 9/16 Wrench, 3/8 Wrench, 5/16 Wrench


  1. Remove Nuts From Frame
  2. Slide Handle Onto Bolts
  3. Secure Nuts / Bolts
  4. Remove Rear Access Cover
  5. Remove Control Rod
  6. Thread Control Rod Into Ball Joint, threading it all the way to the nut and secure it there.
  7. Attach Control Rod To Handel Bar
  8. Pull Wire Harness Through Back Access Panel And Connect To Switch
  9. Hook Throttle Cable Controls To Engine
  10. Replace and Secure Access Cover

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